Is Long Term Care Needed?

One of the most difficult conversations you will ever have is the conversation with your loved ones about the challenges they face and meeting their needs in their later years.

Although your loved one is concerned about independence and the importance of their local network of support, you are concerned about their safety and well being.  What will happen if my mother falls, breaks her hip and is unable to get help?  What happens when my father cooks, but forgets to turn off the stove?  What happens when my aunt’s health becomes too frail and requires continual medical attention but she is fearful of the associated costs? What happens when my uncle experiences lengthy depression and anxiety because of his isolation?  What happens when I am no longer able to help them and maintain a life of my own?

Medical and non-medical options may be available to support the continued care for your loved one in his or her home.  Some of the possible support options include: adult day care, bill payment and financial planning, home care, home and safety monitoring, house calls, house and yard maintenance, live-in home care, meal preparation, personal care, physical therapy, transportation, and regular visiting.

Situations have a way of becoming more critical when ignored, so it is best to have “that conversation” with your loved one sooner, giving you a wider range of options for better outcomes.

But sometimes, problems are not always correctable.  Sometimes you need to explore other living arrangements for your loved one. Sometimes assisted living or continuing care facilities are required.

Contact Client Patient Access Service (CPAS) at the Saskatoon Health Region at (306) 655-4346 and the CPAS staff will:

If long-term care is determined necessary after an assessment of your loved one’s situation, request a visit with Circle Drive Special Care Home.  We are committed to making life the best it can be.


Family quote

The staff here is amazing. They are the best, bar none. Not all places are created equal and when you look around and talk to people about care homes, you learn that is the case with care homes, too. The staff members here take their compassion and move the care home up to the next level. There's a line from here to Timbuktu of seniors trying to get in here. That says it all."