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Rolling me Down the Highway … So Life Won’t Pass Me By

On April 26th 2012, Circle Drive Special Care Home held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially thank Kinsmen Telemiracle Inc. for its donation of $40,606.78 toward the purchase of a 2012 ElDorado Aerotech wheelchair accessible bus.  Residents, family members and staff gathered to  welcome Lori Friesen, Kinsmen Foundation Board Chair, and Michele Dawe, Kinsmen club member and application advocate, to the ceremony.

Enthusiam was the order of the day.  Circle Drive Special Care Home recreation supervisor, Adriana Van Duyvendyk, spoke proudly of the residents’ council’s preparation in planning the first few bus outings and the residents’ impatience to get out into the community.  Resident George Walmsley spoke eloquently about his immense gratitude toward all the donors and especially Kinsmen Foundation for furnishing him with the means of reuniting with Saskatoon.  Lori Friesen was thrilled to see all the beaming faces of our residents who would participate in the bus trips.  “It’s so wonderful to look out into the audience and see these happy faces.  I know the Kinsmen involvement in this bus project was certainly worth it.  I can see it on every face.”

The inaugural outing for the residents was May 1st to Western Development Museum.  George Walmsley was one of the residents to be a part of this first trip.  “I entirely enjoyed the outing,” says George.  “This visit to the WDM reminded me how much manual labour went into farming in the old days.  Implements have changed so much and are so mechanized now.”  The visit was a nice walk down memory lane for all the participants.  But the trip was not only about the visit to Western Development Museum.  “It was incredible to see what is going on in the city.  We all noticed that there is so much construction going on in the city.”

Resident Earl McKellar was so pleased to participate in the Lawson Heights Mall outing on June 13th.  He was surprised to be greeted by 35 of his friends who came by to visit.  “It was wonderful.  The time went by so quickly, but it was all wonderful,” says Earl.  For over 20 years, Earl lived in the neighbourhood and has many close friends who still live in there.

A trip to Cabella’s was also on Earl’s schedule.  “I’ve never seen anything like it,” he says.  “The large stuffed animals were incredible.”

Earl’s wife Shirley wanted to make a point of praising the staff.  “The staff did a great job to make sure everyone was locked in properly and ready to travel.  I didn’t realize it was going to be such a big job, but it is.”

Helen Vickaryous also participated in some of the bus outings.  “I loved it,” declared Helen.  “I felt very safe on the bus and we were well taken care of.  I felt absolutely elated to go out.”  Helen was especially impressed with how much larger and tidier the Forestry Farm was than when she was there previously.

Myra Powell especially enjoyed the trip to Dutch Growers.  “There was lots of time to browse and I was able to choose some plants for my little garden,” Myra grins.  “My garden will be absolutely beautiful.” 

Myra is one of the more fortunate residents as she is able to venture away from the care home quite regularly.  She is pleased by the home’s addition of the ElDorado Aerotech bus.  “Compared to the city’s Access buses, our bus is a Cadillac.  It is beautiful.  It’s comfortable and very smooth riding.  It’s a wonderful asset for Circle Drive Special Care Home.”

The recreation staff and resident council continue to plan weekly outings and the residents continue to look forward to them. “It’s a great way to build a positive outlook so life won’t pass us by,” explains Adriana Van Duyvendyk, recreation director.


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